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„polyglot_tex“ is a collection of scripts. I wrote for generating identical structured documents in many languages from one sourcefile.

The primary aim was to support easy localization of existing tex-documents without side effects — but arbitrary other formats will work as well.

An important feature is the possibility of creating documents with more than one language side by side. This ist helpfull for multicultural audiences and for learners of languages — This way a original and the own language can be read without page turning.


As first example I translated a protocol from an iFSR-meeting (because of its interesting syntax). With this source I can create the german, an english version and as well a fancy mixture.

With some other scripts (using Bablefish) you can find in the following download-section, I automatically translated the Slides and Scripts of my lectures from russian to english.


The archive polyglot_tex.tar contains the scripts, a README and aboves example with explanations.

It is completely written in python and has no special dependencies. It ist developed and testet under Linux, but could (should?) also run under other Unixes (Mac OS) and Windows.

If you have some problems, find a bug or have ideas for other enhancements, you can send me an EMail

Please feel free to share / distribute / modify this scripts!

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