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It's a quick (and dirty) hack for visualizing sourcecode (control-/dataflow, dependencies, calls, …) because I didn't know other programms doing this as I needed.

The output is a *.dot-file (which can be translated to the most important (vector-)graphicformats). Each edge is defined in one line looking like this:

Those definitions could stand in the sourcecode (as comment) or in a seperate file which can be generated automatically by another script (depending on the used language and the desired output).

CDFlow presents hierarchies (directories, packages, files, objects, functions) if they are supplied by the definitions. Formattings can be specified in a configfile like this.


Beispiel für die Ausgabe

This output was generated from one of my current projects with a little script parsing my code.


Until now it's just a little undocumented (:/) trial but the output is already nice…

If you know or need a similar tool or have other useful hints: please tell me! Perhaps (if requested) I'll elaborate it / make it appropriable for others.

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